Stochastic Training & Development Programme

Stochastic Training & Development Programme Training and Development Programme

Through a series of well recieved financial market seminars and classroom based lessons, has been able to impact a number of students and working professionals lives in Tanzania over a short period of time.

Our training and development programme has given our trainees impartial and upto advice about financial market products, and the best way to approach financial market trading.

A full-team of translators has been on-hand to convey this information to Tanzania citizen, bringing greater benefit to Swahili speakers in attendance at seminars and educational classes.

Expert advisors has been able to assemble a team of expert advisors through charitable contribution, who through decades of experience in the financial market sector have then imparted their knowledge to trainees, to people who may not otherwise able to access this information.


During the time inside's financial trading programme our students are put through a specifically designed course, comprised of 10 modules.

Each module covers a specific aspect of the financial markets, and designed for all levels of ability. The course can be taken by students seeking higher knowledge or others who make be looking to make an extra income through financial market trading, such as retirees, housewives or students.

Our clients are encouraged to fully educate themselves and ably practical methods before attempting to trade financial products such as Foreign exchnage or CFD's.

Our office in Dar Es Saleem is fully staffed at all times to support clients efforts and needs. Our office staff in Tanzania come from a variety of backgrounds including finance, banking and mathematics.


Client Protection aims to offer clients protection from the predatory aspects of financial market trading. Full knowledge of the regulatory requirments and compliance aspects of financial market brokerages are discussed at length, with clients safety in-mind at all times. operates at the highest level of ethics, and only partners with recognized FCA regulated brokerages and fund managers.