Learn how to confidently trade
the stock and forex markets from scratch!


Like most well intentioned people who are struggling with understanding how Stock and Forex trading works, you’ve never been able to investigate this or, you’ve probably been misled towards solutions that have given you results that are less than par.
Unfortunately, you’ve:

tried researching Google for how to confidently trade stock and Forex which ended up in confusion and a feeling of discontent because of too many contradictory information over the net.

tried operating a stock and Forex trading account with online brokers which is very confusing because you have no background knowledge and these brokers don't really care about your success but just your money.

have seen stock markets news on TV and don't have a clue of what they are talking about but went on to invest in some stocks on a financial adviser's advice.

Most people and in most cases professionals got fooled into thinking these “solutions” would work too. We however aim to equip you with the skills needed to be a successful stock/forex trader. This skill is sell-able across all sectors as well as for self employment.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside this training package:

Foundation of Stock and Forex Trading

which will drastically improve your results because you will get the necessary background information on stock and forex markets, commodities, shares, Futures, Trading types, and how they work.

Stock and Forex Trading Strategies

which is amazing for you because it gives you the assurance to know when and how to trade, what to trade on and the confidence to develop your own strategy.

Risk Management and Trading Discipline

which will help you because you will adopt the right mind frame, learn the difference between gambling and trading and protect your capital by minimising risks.

Flexible Training Hours

which is really good because it gives you the flexibility to choose and learn at your own pace regardless of where you live including all countries in Africa.

24 Hours Web Chat Support

which is beneficial to you because you will always have access to our friendly support team who can give independent opinions and answers to all your questions

Access to Demo and Live Trading Account

which will greatly increase your results because you’ll get a playground to practice during training and a live account to trade with the largest broker in the world.

Private One on One Coach

which will put you at a huge advantage because it’ll allow you to learn with someone dedicated to you. This is the best way to gain confidence and be profitable with trading. Together we will go through the course modules, run you through key strategies, and encourage you to create your own strategy in a live environment.

For only £99.99, you get full access to education materials, practical help with demo or live trading account with world’s number one broker, 2 hours of one to one (in person or via webcam online), and unlimited access to online assistance!

Why Learn Stock / Forex Trading?


Lifetime Skill

It's a skill for life that you will need in the inevitable future world of technology. Most jobs as we know them today will cease to exist within the next 5 years as a result of to technology advancements.


Main Stream

It can be used as second or, main income stream.



It increases your confidence on general life and decision making if educated properly.


You are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you want to just expand your knowledge or, confidently trade professionally while actually getting great results; then, all you have left to do is buy Stockedge Training Package below.

Stockedge Training Package for £99.99

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