Stock Trading Education

We train you the basics of forex trading, shares, commodities & stock Trading and how to trade and use most brokers’ platforms. We go through the different strategies and help guide you through developing you own strategy where appropriate.
There are educational materials available through our platform as well as one-to-one direct training via out dedicated live video application.
Upon completion, it is optional to continue to trade live with a regulated broker.


Video on Forex Trading Education


It is also possible to take just an hour induction and crash course, and then follow that up with our training software/ booklet. There is 24hrs access to Stochastic through web chat where you can ask for help anytime. This makes it possible to learn to trade with Stochastic from anywhere in the world.

Please Note: We only provide information and technical advice. We do not advice Stochastic members on what to do live trade on. We may supply information and resources normally required to make a trade decision.

One to One Training

We have bespoke one-to-one training for any of our subscribers/clients.
This can be arranged in a manner that meets with our subscribers/clients needs and commitments. This can be done through travelling to any of our offices of cleints' institution (as arranged) or, via online using our dedicated one-to-one live video application.

VIP Account

Our VIP client account incorporates a combination of all the services we provide at the disposal of the client. This will also include private visits, contacting client on important events, market news and analysis, and formation of new third party funds/events.